Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sometimes it feels like you have to deal with a pushy sales team to get any of your basic questions answered. At Federation we understand the research involved in adding new cabins to your park or investing in a builder for a new transportable home, office or amenities block. We are here to help, if the information below is not what you need, just click the contact us button above and ask us anything you like. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

What do you build?

Any tranportable dwelling you are looking for? From homes, to cabins, offices, amenities block and multi functional spaces like camp kicthens and games rooms. We can even work with existing dwelling you may currently have on your site. The beauty of having an in house draft team and the backing of a strong commercial and domestic building team means we can throw our hands at almost anything.

What is your building time frame?

16 weeks from approval of the final plans and signing of contract to delivery onsite. We are realists and understand you have deadline but changes can happen along the way. The Federation team are happy to work with you, to reach any goals you may achieve. We are also open to changes in things like cabnitry and any issues that may arrise after thing like frame walks throughs and the like. We work with you and if things take longer due to the changes, you are the first to know. At the end of the day we are building for you and open communication lines are the key.

Where do you build your dwellings?

We currently have a site in Victoria and another site in NSW where we build our dwellings. Whilst our sites are not undercover we build our cabins in the open air, our cabins are built using the same materials as all of the houses built by our sister Company Kennedy Builders. All our dwellings have a roof installed within 7 days from frames being completed so hold ups are very rare.  We also use an inhouse plumbing, roofing, mechanical and electrical company. This allows Federation to have more controll over project timelines and ensure our cabins are delivered on time.